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Civil litigation is a broad area of law that encompasses disputes between individuals and entities involving a private right and entails the use of courts or arbitrators for adjudication.  For plaintiffs involved in a civil litigation matter, the objective is to right a wrong, honor an agreement, or obtain compensation for a wrongful act.  Conversely, defendants want to protect their rights in opposing a civil claim in an effort to reduce or negate liability.

Guerra Law represents clients in diverse civil litigation areas, including legal malpractice, professional negligence, real estate litigation, landlord/tenant litigation, trust and estate litigation, police misconduct, contract disputes, and tort litigation such as fraud and negligence.

We conduct thorough discovery and extensive preparation in anticipation of trial.  We keep our clients informed of every significant development and seek their involvement whenever possible.  We thoroughly prepare our clients to testify at depositions, hearings, and trials.  When necessary, we retain industry experts to assist with proving or disproving the disputed claims.

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