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Guerra Law represents plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of employment matters, including wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation cases, civil rights violations, and wage and hour disputes. Our attorneys also have experience assisting clients in administrative proceedings, such hearings before the Board of Rights of police and fire departments.

Whether the dispute involves alleged violations of state or federal law, Guerra Law has the experience to investigate, negotiate and litigate claims in an effort to obtain optimal results on behalf of aggrieved employees or to minimize liability for employers.

California and federal laws impose strict procedures on employees who have been subjected to discrimination and harassment prior to filing a lawsuit. To avoid the waiver of any rights, it is imperative you file a claim through the appropriate state or federal governmental agency to preserve your rights to sue in civil court.

For more information about our employment-specific practice areas, please visit www.lgbtemployeerights.com. While Guerra Law represents aggrieved employees from all walks of life, we proudly serve members of the LGBT community.

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